90 Day FB Live Challenge

Welcome to the 90 Day Facebook Live Challenge as inspired to me by Liz Tomey.

The reason that I decided to take Liz up on the challenge is because I need to get the ball rolling again with Internet Marketing and I am sure that by doing this challenge, it will create the snowball effect by making my list and business in general grow.

We will be covering a variety of things during these live sessions. Everything from business related topics and possibly some stuff that is happening in my personal life if it affects my business.

I will be taking one question per day to answer at the end of each session and that question may very well dictate what the topic of the day will be. So be sure to leave your questions in the Facebook comment area for the stream or you could send it to me here on the contact page.

I will be downloading each stream from Facebook and uploading to this blog so if you ever want to catch one you may have missed, you have easy access to them here.

So until next time, take care.


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