Taking On A Challenge!

Well, I have been fortunate enough to watch as a top fellow Internet Marketer contact of mine has started their own 90 Day Facebook Live Challenge. Yes that would be Liz Tomey.

Ninety days seemed a bit long when I first heard about the challenge but then I started to think some things I remembered from way back in my life.

I remember hearing that if you do something consistently for just 30 days, it will become second nature. Actually it would become a habit. So to do something for 90 days would have it ingrained in your being so much so that you wouldn’t even THINK about not doing it for a day.

So you might be asking yourself, what would be the purpose of the 90 Day Facebook Challenge? Well there are a couple of reasons so why not drop in to Facebook on Sunday night around 10pm Eastern and find out! I might even inspire you to make some money online. LOL

See you then.

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